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HP 82324 Measurement Coprocessor Board - Help needed
02-21-2018, 07:50 PM
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HP 82324 Measurement Coprocessor Board - Help needed
The HP 82324 (version A and B) is a 16-bit ISA board for PCs and typically was used in HP Vectras ( 386, 486). It is a complete HP 68030 / 68882 computer system with an HP-IB port that can run HP BASIC 6 without any modification and is technically almost identical to a HP 9000 332 computer. ( At that time HP BASIC for Windows wasn't available yet; you had to use this hardware solution in a PC in order to run your HP BASIC programs. )
You can find information on that device at the other HPMuseum's site.
These boards are very rare and expensive nowadays, and unfortunately mine has a transport damage at the ISA bus connector, see pictures below.
The problem is that I can't find a source for that MALE AT-bus edge connector that is mounted (soldered) onto the board. Female connectors are easily available. Normally the connector of an ISA card is part of the PCB.
Maybe anyone has got an idea where to find a replacement part, or even a tip how to repair the damaged connector?
It would be such a pity to have to discard this rare HP-9000-300-computer-on-a-card, just because of this damned transport damage.

defective 82324A

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