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What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
02-27-2019, 10:37 PM
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RE: What is the best BASIC Pocket Computer
(02-27-2019 07:26 PM)xerxes Wrote:  I've tested the IQ-718M at that time and was a bit disappointed for two reasons. The playing strength is pretty weak and it tends
to crash on longer thinking times. The card also works with later IQ models but without using the whole display of course.

While testing the Basic cards on various IQ models, I've noted the similarity to the CPU and the Basic interpreter of the PC-E500.

Yes, though I'm not much of a Chess player, I recall a guy in our group reporting that it could be readily beaten if you knew what you were doing.

Regarding IQ BASIC vs. PC-E500 BASIC - Both used the same CPU (ESR-L, Electronic Slide Rule, model L, there were many other models as well) and the BASICs were quite similar; I recall each had some performance advantage over the other. I cannot recall exact details, but I think that the PC-E500 had faster display, as it didn't have to deal with the IQ OS that let the user swap apps, etc. Also, these 2 models have quite good accuracy in Mike Sebastian's famous 'Calculator Forensics", though oddly, though they are not exactly the same, which is a bit unexpected.

As the PC-E500 was not sold in the US, even though I worked at Sharp throughout the 90's, I could not get my own PC-E500 until many years later. From eBay, just like everyone else...

--Bob Prosperi
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