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HP-41 <> USB-41 bidirectional comms.
04-01-2014, 11:39 PM
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RE: HP-41 <> USB-41 bidirectional comms.
Hi all,

And STOP the machines!!...

Thanks for your contributions I've found that the clock timing is too tight to be compatible with most every HP-41 (except those a bit above the 370KHz).

This is entirely my fault, please accept my apology for wasting your time beta testing this...

My only excuse is that I just have with me my coconut CX @371KHz, (in which I did my successful tests) and a 2x halfnut CV @749KHz; so I was very limited of resources, hence the post asking for beta testers help. But didn't anticipate the bad results.

Rest assured, this won't happen twice...

Next version will be tested with the whole range of models/speeds before offering it to the wild... (so to say... :-)

Thanks again and best wishes.


PS. Fortunately things doesn't work on first attempt quite often... Otherwise, this will be really boring!

"Do not suppose, check it twice."
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