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Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
01-03-2018, 06:01 PM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2018 06:05 PM by TheKaneB.)
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Who needs the system's default calculator anyway?
The HP Prime emulator is so powerful yet easy to use that I've switched to it on my main development machine even for simple calculations that I used to do with the default Apple calculator program.

[Image: 2TDJhyU.jpg]

Here I put it in my dock, for quick access.

[Image: FAHkydL.png]

Who else did the same?

At home I use my physical HP Prime, but I don't want to carry it to work everyday, because I'm afraid of damaging or losing it, so I re-discovered the emulator which I never really used before, but now it's a valuable asset in my toolbox.

Question for the HP guys: is it ok for the emulator to be used at work from a license standpoint? I couldn't find any statement in the documentation about this topic, or maybe I didn't look well Smile

I must say that I completely replaced the use of Mathematica and WolframAlpha, since all my needs are covered by the Prime, and for more elaborate tasks such as serious data processing I will revert to C++ or Python coding anyway.

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