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HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator (updated list of emulated models)
04-26-2018, 12:32 PM
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RE: HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
(04-25-2018 06:24 AM)teenix Wrote:  Hi all,

There might be a bug in the latest PIC code for the MultiCalc kit and Haralds Classic Upgrade.

For those that have one of these kits, please don't upgrade the PIC code from the PC emulator program. Doing so may cause a communications failure between the PIC and PC. If so, the PIC will require a full reprogram with a PIC programmer to fix the problem. The actual calculator should still work however.

I have removed the PIC code from the current download until I sort out the problem.

My sincerest apologies



It would be interesting to know how the emulators get used. Have most people updated at least once, or are most of the boards still running the firmware they were delivered with?
Do the emulators get used at all, or did they simply get a place in the collection?

If anyone has a bricked unit, please let us know and we can reprogram it.

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