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Elementary: on formattng and programming mode
03-26-2014, 02:56 PM
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Elementary: on formattng and programming mode
When I construct a TEXTOUT_P(...) statement I sometimes have to mix floating and integer numbers (as, for example, displaying a test statistic and degrees of freedom). Is there a way to display the floating numbers to, let's say, three digits, but to display the integers with no decimals, i.e., as integers? And, while I have your ear, what is the programming command to change the numeric output format?

I am still having trouble getting int() to work in programs, though it works fine interactively. (I posted earlier on a related topic.) I have seen reference here to programming in CAS or Home mode. What determines whether a program is in Home or CAS mode? Can one shift in mid-program? Where is this documented? Will some CAS functions simply not work in Home mode? Looking at a program, how does one know whether it is in CAS or Home mode?

Thank you for any thoughts.

Ben Fairbank
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