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Summation based benchmark for calculators
08-18-2021, 07:18 PM
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RE: Summation based benchmark for calculators
(08-18-2021 06:56 PM)Guenter Schink Wrote:  
(08-18-2021 04:01 PM)toml_12953 Wrote:  I had digit grouping set to 123,456.789. When I change it to 123456.789, I don't get an error but I get a lot of zeroes on the screen and what may be an infinite loop.

o.K. I think I found the problem. It wasn't clearly explained. You have to enter the exponent rather then the number. E.g. enter 3 to get 1000 iterations. Have a look at the code and now it should become obvious.

I chose this because "sys.argv[0]" doesn't seem to work reliably with numbers greater 999. Consequently if it works somehow, the first output is a digit with as many zeros as requested, and that output takes a while.


edit: I just realized that I can't run the program from the command line I had to go to the program catalog <SHIFT> <1> and run it fro there

Oof! Es tuit mir leid! Yes, an exponent of 1000 would take a long time! Thank you for replying.

Tom L
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