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HP 67/97 Special Message Cards, videos of...
12-19-2017, 09:25 PM
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HP 67/97 Special Message Cards, videos of...
I have had occasion/inspiration to get an HP-97 card reader operational again.

I used RTV on the card drive motor "clutch."
It was fairly easy to do, I hope it is an appropriate fix.
But that darn ribbon cable is falling to pieces!!!!

In honor of this success and to check out the read portion of the drive, I have made some videos of output from some old cards I have in my collection. You can view them at: Living Words HP Poem HP Commercial Coca Cola HP Seasons Greetings 1976/77

And to check out the write portion of my drive, let me know if you would like copies of these cards. But it may take me a while, I haven't located my stack of blank cards recently.

There is probably something about these cards in the journals of the day (I have not looked for this), so I have no idea how they were made.

In my collection also, I have a lot of "Word Cards" which I think used to do something... but I can't make them do anything on the 97. Perhaps they were for 67 only? But that seems unlikely. I will try the 67 later anyway.

I also do not remember where I obtained these cards from, so if one of you sent them to me many years ago -- THANK YOU!
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