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HP 67/97 Special Message Cards, videos of...
09-04-2019, 08:26 PM
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RE: HP 67/97 Special Message Cards, videos of...
(09-04-2019 06:56 PM)Gene Wrote:  FYI to avoid confusion here...

I am the Gene who made copies of these words/phrases cards several years ago because they came with an HP 67 collection I acquired...

But sadly (for me) I did not see the light and become an HP fan until the advent of the HP-41C. I was a follower of the dark side until then. Don't worry... I repented!

But I am not the Gene in the PPC Journal back in the 1976-1978 timeframe referenced in this post.


In that V4N1 (January 1977) issue of PPC Journal, in Lou Cargile's article "HP-67 Internal Codes and Quasi-Alphanumerics", he mentioned Gene Hoffman (PPC member 859) as his cohort in the "missing codes" search. An earlier extensive article by the two of them appeared in V3N7 (Aug 1976) starting on page 3, with Richard Nelson's preface titled "What Are the Limits?", discussing internals of both the HP65 and 67. Those back issues are always a fun read.

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