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CMT EPROM Programmer Beeper
12-14-2017, 02:48 AM
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CMT EPROM Programmer Beeper
I've recently acquired a CMT-71-P01 EPROM programmer for the 71B. It has what's been described as a paid-for special extra that very few programmers had, a beeper.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=11Ug177m-pRZ_Y...66Y7zCBoPW]

The beeper is an internally-driven variety connected between a power rail on the programmer and a pin on the microcontroller. If the Fail LED lights then the beeper beeps 3 times.

The EPROM in the programmer has the name Nick Reid on it and Nick wrote several articles for Datafile and CHHU back in the day.

I suspect that this "special extra" can be installed in a standard programmer by adding a beeper and probably reprogramming the firmware.

If anyone with a CMT-71-P01 is interested in installing this option in their programmer I can provide them with an image of my EPROM and I've found beepers on Mouser that should fit inside the case without modification.

Does anyone have any other info on this option?

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