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41CL Custom Memory Map
11-22-2017, 08:38 PM
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RE: 41CL Custom Memory Map
(11-21-2017 08:51 PM)Monte Dalrymple Wrote:  
(11-21-2017 07:59 PM)JurgenRo Wrote:  Monte "... added the source files and merge program to IMDB.ZIP in case anyone wants to do a custom memory map" on 41CL home page, which is great News espec. for all VX board (X<5) users indeed. However, does anyone can give advice how to deal with the Software or did I miss something in the Posts lately?

Umm.... which software specifically? If you mean MERGE.BAS, it's a
vanilla BASIC program that reads the two .rom files (IMDBU.ROM and
IMDBL.ROM) and merges them into on IMDB.ROM file. No arguments,
just run it with the source files in the same directory. You will likely
need to load the result into a hex editor (I use HxD) and remove the
last byte, because the file is actually 8193 bytes in length because
of the way the program writes the output. It's a quick-and-dirty
program, that I never intended for anyone but myself to see.

Thanks anyway, Monte!
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