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48SX and 82215A 128KB RAM card odd behavior
03-23-2014, 01:06 AM
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RE: 48SX and 82215A 128KB RAM card odd behavior
(03-22-2014 09:47 PM)Dave Britten Wrote:  When swapping cards, the 48 will warm start, resulting in a clear stack. Perhaps your 48 thinks the card is being removed whenever it powers off.

That appears to be the case, the primary calculator's WSLOG shows entries with both of the following:

3 Run through address 0.
B Plug-in card pulled or "bounced" (port status changed).

and even one of these:

C Hardware Reset (ESD or the hole under the "random" foot).

The spare calculator's WSLOG only shows the "B" entry when the card is inserted.

Quote:What happens if you FREE the card, and toss a couple objects into port 0? Do they persist after a normal power cycle?

Objects stored in ports 0 and port 1, which represents the RAM card, do persist across the power cycle, and in port 1 when swapped between the calculators or when moved to slot 2.

I hope my primary 48SX is not getting flaky, as it is in great shape physically.
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