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Horrible pun, serious idea (retry)
10-18-2017, 07:01 PM (This post was last modified: 12-03-2017 06:31 PM by Joseph_21sv.)
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Horrible pun, serious idea (retry)
I just had this idea about the expression "a little bit better": Since "a bit" is a literal unit in computing, it is possible to conceive that computer which is "literally" one bit better than a certain documented model. One must however be careful saying "literally" here because a very strictly literal interpretation of this idea means a data bus of an odd width or upgraded video modes which operate oddly due to the details of their original designs. Besides these things, one may be as strict or as loose as one wishes in interpreting it.
Here is an example based on the oldest model well-known to the world:
Text: 40x24 (40, 45x28) characters at 7x8 or 8x9 dots per character, 8 to 10 bits per character
Block graphics: 40x48, 40x56 or 45x56 pixels, 4 or 5 bits per pixel
Full graphics: 280x192 or 320x216 pixels, 1 or 2 bits per pixel plus 1 or 2 bits pixel offset per 7 or 8 pixels (partially ignored by monochrome monitors)
VRAM: 2x(2K text buffer+20K framebuffer)
Main RAM: 8K
Audio: 2x1-bit toggle
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