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ILPer as MASSMEM for HP71b
10-16-2017, 06:21 PM
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ILPer as MASSMEM for HP71b
First, I've read the HP71 HP-IL module several times.

Second, I love the PIL Box. I love the ILPer software. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've had great success using it all with my HP41 and for the most part, my HP71. With one exception. I do not understand how to store a program onto either of the mass storage devices using the ILPer from my HP71. I use it often with my HP41 as storage.

I can set it as the PRINTER and DISPLAY for my HP71. I can initialize both of the devices from my HP71. I can see the addresses and device IDs. I can do a CAT (which of course is empty). I see the HP-IL commands flowing in the ILPer's scope. However, when I try to do any file operation, I'm sure I'm formatting the command wrong. I typically get an "Excess Chars" error message.

Could anyone who has managed to setup the ILPer as a mass storage for the HP71 give me a quick walk through? I"m convinced it is simply a command formatting error, but I've hit a mental block and can't get through it.


David Ingebretsen
Collision Forensics & Engineering, Inc.
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