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pyILPER 1.6.0 first beta
10-05-2017, 01:01 AM
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RE: pyILPER 1.6.0 first beta
(10-04-2017 07:36 PM)jsi Wrote:  If you paste text, the printable characters of the system clipboard are sent to the pyILPER keyboard buffer. A newline is transformed to an escape sequence that triggers the [ENDLINE] key of the HP-71. The HP-71 fetches the data from the buffer if it is ready for keyboard input, so there is no need to care for a delay.

Please note, that keyboard data handling of the HP-71B is extremely slow compared to file transfer and does not always work reliable.

Therefore I recommend to paste only small amounts of data into the terminal window.

There are better ways to get basic and text files to your HP-71B:
  1. Import an ASCII-Textfile with the pyILPER file import to a LIF-Disk image.
  2. Copy the file to the HP-71B
  3. If the text file contains basic code, then transform the text file into basic.

Yes, I'm familiar with these techniques, and they are reliable (if slow and time-consuming) but you have to admit that simply copy/pasting a program listing into the terminal window would be dead simple, faster, and well, just... cool.

--Bob Prosperi
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