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pyILPER 1.6.0 first beta
10-03-2017, 05:44 PM
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pyILPER 1.6.0 first beta
I published a first beta version of the upcoming pyILPER version 1.6.0 on GitHUB.

pyILPER 1.6.0 introduces an emulated HP82162A printer and includes major improvements of the user interface.

New features and enhancements
  • The HP82162A printer is now included as virtual HP-IL device. The device provides high quality output to a PDF file. Add this device with the "Virtual HP-IL device configuration" in the file menu.
  • Resizing the main window of pyILPER now adjusts the number of lines of the printer, scope and drive directory automatically. This also applies to the size of the plotter viewport. The dimensions of the pyILPER main window is restored at start of the application.
  • Any change of GUI related configuration parameters (font sizes, terminal color scheme, number of columns of the terminal widget) now effects immediately and does not require a restart of the application any more.
  • The terminal, printer and scope now support copying selected text to the system clipboard. The terminal supports pasting text from the system clipboard.
  • Barcodes of HP-41 program and SDATA files can now be created as PDF files from the context menu of the directory listing.
  • Terminal, scope and printers got mouse wheel scrolling support. Note: the focus must be in the output window.
  • A PDF file of the directory listing can now be created from the tool menu of the drive tab.
  • The scope got an option to display the frames as hex codes.

Note: this beta version is not available on the Anaconda cloud.

If you like to give this version a try do the following:
  • Get the source code file from the pyILPER release page.
  • Unzip this file to an arbitrary location of your file system.
  • Change to the directory pyilper-1.6.0b1.
  • Run "python" (or python3 depending on your Python installation).
The beta version does not affect the configuration of an already installed pyILPER production version.


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