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[BUG (Emulator)] Emulator eats CPU when in Advanced Graphing Plot view
03-22-2014, 07:10 PM
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RE: [BUG (Emulator)] Emulator eats CPU when in Advanced Graphing Plot view
(03-15-2014 02:57 PM)Stefan Wrote:  Note: I'm running the emulator in Wine (Crossover to be specific). So maybe this doesn't occur under Windows.

Bug description:
Open the Advanced Graphing App, enter an expression to plot in symbolic view (e.g. Y^2+X^2<=1)
Switch to Plot view.

HP Prime emulator uses one complete CPU core, Fan is turning crazy :-)
Note: Although the CPU core is loaded 100%, the emulator doesn't get unresponsive.

@jebem: See, now I'm reporting on bugs in the emulator :-)

Hi, Stefan, thanks for reporting more "issues" here... it is good for HP as well, so they have good people testing and reporting abnormal conditions that someone in charge may be able to get fixed one of these days.
I was in Angola and only now have the chance to pay attention to our HP Prime posts.

I have duplicated this "issue" by running the HP Prime calculator program on two different Windows 7 computers:
- One Intel 7 dual core with hyper-threading (4 logical cores) Processor will consume about 40% CPU (Core 0 goes to 99%, Core 2 goes to about 80%).
- Another AMD Phenom II X6 (6 physical cores) Processor will consume about 30% CPU (Core 3 goes to about 99%, Core 4 goes to about 80%).

So the behavior is similar on both computers - the calculator program will take 2 Cores while the plotting is running, and it stays there even when we see no visual activity in the graph.

However, the good news is that the CPU utilization goes to zero as soon as we press the Home key.

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