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Upload img.jpg to user_id folder?
03-17-2014, 06:58 PM (This post was last modified: 03-17-2014 07:26 PM by Sikuq.)
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RE: Upload img.jpg to user_id folder?
(03-16-2014 01:17 AM)Dave Hicks Wrote:  I don't know about other moderators but this one doesn't understand the question.

Hi Dave & Katie,

Thanks for answering. In the old Forum I could upload pictures to my user folder for re-use later. On the new Forum I have tried to do the same (not wanting to do Avatars). I checked the Help in vain and checked a list of other users having similar problems in this thread.

So, please, what are the steps to upload some smaller pictures in *.gif, jpg etc. format to my new Forum user profile? From your answers I take it I'm missing something obvious right in front of me, right?

Thanks in advance.

- Sikuq

PS: Since I have the courteous attention by two Super Moderators I have another question: When I log-in to the thread of interest a large list comes up with all the entries in date sort order - with the oldest on top. I went looking for a touch area where I could touch and the list would re-sort in the inverse date order, i.e. newest on top. Where is that feature and if not can it be implemented? It is quite tedious to scoll ...
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