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Safari book online account shared.
09-12-2017, 04:40 PM
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RE: Safari book online account shared.
Dave and me talked a bit about this thread. I see nothing wrong with sharing knowledge and Dave is all about that. That's what the MoHPC is about. We and two others are a bit worried about POSSIBLE violations of safari's TOS being facilitated here. It does sound like there are at least two different types of account with their own different TOS though, and maybe more.

I'm going to lock this thread but leave it with all posts and links up. One link is internal to this site anyway and the other is free advertising for safari. I hope that's enough. If Dave, Gene, or Katie find more info, we might unlock or delete it. Gene knows a bit about textbook publishing specifically.

No blame or problem. It's just that the museum might look like a target for some hungry lawyer, even though this is a less-than non profit organization where people regularly post ideas (such as this one) to be dissected.
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