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HP 49G, 49g+ & 50g: Built-in Zints
09-02-2017, 10:49 AM
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RE: HP 49G, 49g+ & 50g: Built-in Zints

If you prepend the string below to your source code the programme should compile correctly.

Note that the "-" sign in the negative numbers is character 173 on the HP 49G, 49g+ & 50g.

The negative sign in eg Z-6_ in the body of your programme must be character 173 . (Or maybe not - Could you please try character 45, the regular minus sign, & see if that works?)

"EQU Z-9_ 2733F
EQU Z-8_ 2734B
EQU Z-7_ 27357
EQU Z-6_ 27363
EQU Z-5_ 2736F
EQU Z-4_ 2737B
EQU Z-3_ 27387
EQU Z-2_ 27393
EQU Z-1_ 2739F
EQU Z0_ 273AB
EQU Z1_ 273B6
EQU Z2_ 273C2
EQU Z3_ 273CE
EQU Z4_ 273DA
EQU Z5_ 273E6
EQU Z6_ 273F2
EQU Z7_ 273FE
EQU Z8_ 2740A
EQU Z9_ 27416
EQU Z10_ 27422
EQU Z12_ 2742F
EQU Z24_ 2743C
EQU Z100_ 27449
EQU Z1_0_ 274A9"
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