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HP 49G, 49g+ & 50g: Built-in Zints
09-01-2017, 05:41 PM
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RE: HP 49G, 49g+ & 50g: Built-in Zints
(09-01-2017 05:21 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Thanks. That same document is also on, but this document does not define "Z0_", only "Z0", so unless the trailing underscore has some specific meaning for emacs, I'd assume the extable included with emacs must use slightly different symbols, perhaps to denote unsupported entries. Anyhow, the address of the shorter constant is all that matters, just curious about the odd naming.

Thanks again for sharing this.

The trailing underscore usually denotes that the entry is "unsupported but stable", and has been used not just by emacs but also in other listings as well, including the default entry point files included with Debug4x. Given that we're unlikely to ever see another firmware update for these systems, the distinction between "stable" and "permanent" is less clear. Smile That doesn't mean you can assume that everyone has the 2.15 firmware, of course.
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