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Eclipse day in the USA is here!
08-27-2017, 02:58 AM
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RE: Eclipse day in the USA is here!
(08-26-2017 11:18 PM)Paul Dale Wrote:  Something I've found interesting is that the eclipse in the USA received (a lot) more than ten times the coverage in our media than the last one we had here. An indication as to the source (and bias) of all our news I rather suspect.



What surprised me was the attendance in relation to the annular eclipse 5 years ago. That one, five of us went north from the San Francisco area on an interstate highway for four hours and watched from a forested knoll overlooking lake Shasta right on centerline less than a kl off the freeway. Two local couples joined us at one of the prettiest and easiest places to watch while we drank good beer and the dogs fetched endless sticks. This time there were tent cities, rental RVs, shuttle buses, farmers renting fields over the internet, expensive telescopes, store-bought eyewear, and tourists from as far as Japan AND Oz.
I don't know whether the bump this time was because of the totality, that this was The All American Eclipse, that this could be a shared experience in varying degrees by 300,000,000 people, the internet and news buzz, or some combination.

Like Utah Phillips said; "it's good though". Maybe a few people who hadn't gotten the memo found that science can predict things, with numbers, about our universe. Maybe a couple of them will get out their calculators the next time that a "scientist" on the payroll of Aramco, Shell, BP, Petrobras, or one of the big Ruskie or Chinese ones burp up some methane about greenhouse gases from fossil fuels being harmless.
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