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Inform2 or similar for 50g
08-26-2017, 10:40 PM
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RE: Inform2 or similar for 50g
Hello Eric,

> It was ROMPTR B1 1C on the 48, which corresponds to library 177 command 28.
Most likely it is
that you are looking for (the internal name is Ck&DoInForm).

However, Ck&DoInForm calls FLASHPTR IfMain instead of DoInputForm. As long as there is no message handling involved it should not matter and as far as I can see (I only had a quick look on it) there is no message handling involved.

I don’t have a machine ready with Jazz on the 50g, so I can not easily try this. But I am pretty sure, that this is the ROMPTR you are looking for and you should give it a try IMHO. (In case it does not work with IfMain than there is also the possibility to modify the code at run time and exchange it to DoInputForm – but you should give it a try first.)

The 49G ROM does indeed contains the whole old DoInputForm engine (GUISLV/GUIMES is entirely built around that) which is Lib # B0 and all its supporting libraries (which are # B1 # B3 # B4 # B5 # B9 # BA # BB # BC # BD # BE # BF).
There is even SX code in the 49G ROM!

IfMain (the newer engine) is totally independent from that (and has different and less message handling than DoInputForm).

However, due to the introduction of the FLASHPTR there was need for adding some ROMPTRs here and there, as not everything is in the same FlashBank.
And generally a FlashPtr call should be faster (and does not need TempOb RAM) than a ROMPTR call (the drawback is, that there is no RAM entry for FlashPtrs whereas there is a RAM entry for ROMPTRs).

In particular two ROMPTR were added to Lib # B1 in the 49G ROM. I did not check in detail which and where and leave this exercise to the reader.

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