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Prime Apps
08-25-2017, 12:00 AM
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RE: Prime Apps
(08-17-2017 08:15 AM)Stevetuc Wrote:  Hi ji3m

Thanks for putting this together- big project!

I've been working through some programs from hp49G+ advanced users ref manual.
Rpl programming examples 2-3 gives a fib2 program that uses rot.
I got this working by substituting 3 roll
Could you add the rot command to next release please?

Will do. But for now just make an rpl pgm in the home directory: <|3 roll |> 'rot' sto

It really doest try to have 48-49 specific functions
Especially with a more advanced CAS.

I work with android Prime only for now on my
Galaxy Tab Pro/Note 2
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