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Anybody know where to find @BASE for Lotus?
08-21-2019, 03:28 PM
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RE: Anybody know where to find @BASE for Lotus?
Success!!! The package arrived today, and the floppy disk is 100% error free! The contents of the disk are attached. There's a batch file that installs the 1-2-3 add-in manager, but none of that is needed for the 100LX/200LX, since 2.4 has the add-in manager functionality built in. Just copy @BASE.ADN, @BASE.TXT, and @BASEFUN.ADN to C:\_DAT.

I've only done a few minutes of testing, but it appears to be working fine on my 200LX. I opened up some of the example files and played with browse, edit, and crosstab. There's one very minor catch: it assumes an 80x25 screen, so some of the displays might run off the edges of the screen if you don't zoom out (Fn-Space) before invoking the various @BASE screens (like the browser or editor). I'm assuming this means it's not fully usable on a 95LX.

The manual is spiral-bound, though it's not a coiled type that I could just thread out and back in. I would need some sort of spreading tool to easily unbind it. But I may be able to just slap it on my flatbed scanner and get good results. It's about 200 pages, so I'll have to find some time to experiment with that.

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