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Just now I noticed a fun TI curiosity
06-23-2017, 07:02 PM
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Just now I noticed a fun TI curiosity

At the time, the main programmables were TI's SR-56 and SR-52 and HP-25 and HP-65.

Some inquiries arise.

Usually, modelnumbers are higher as the functionality is more advanced. An obvious example of this is in the Spike/Spice series. There was the basic sientific 31E up to the fully propgrammable 34C. Although, for this illustration, TI had the fully programmable SR-52. But, the SR-56 was the basic model of the two. I wonder why that was.

Another awkward observation: notice the four model numbers SR-52, HP-25; SR-56, HP-65. Do you see what I see (no, I'm not going to segue into Christmas music)? I wonder why TI chose a higher model number for the SR-56. And that digit reversal is amusing too.
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