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Algebraic Mode Programing on Hp 50g
03-08-2014, 11:53 AM
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Algebraic Mode Programing on Hp 50g
here an example how it looks like :
INPUT ("Please insert a start nr.","") STO>n ;
OBJ->(n)STO>n ;
FOR (I,n,225)
DISP(" Char Nr. "+I,4) ;
DISP(" "+" Char "+CHR(I),6) ;

There are some references on the Web as the HP50g could be programable in "HP-BASIC" (that was the reason why I bough it).
Maybe they are meaning that as the Algebraic Mode, that looks more like BASIC than that thing called "User RPL".
But that is no BASIC at all, one should look at the INPUT Comand and I realise that is totally diferent from BASIC.
First it does not accept a Variable after the message input, then you have to explicit store the variable, it is stored as a STRING and you have to convert it to NUMBER and store it again.
Oh no, it is not BASIC.
Also that STEP comand is placed at the end but in BASIC, FORTRAN and ObjectPAL it comes on the FOR instruction line.

I did not find any where any documentation, a comand reference , of Programing in Algebraic mode.

Does somebody have some Documentation for it?

I lost several hours to figure out how that INPUT comand works.
I only solved it with the help of the User Manual of the HP 49 where it explains that INPUT line in Algebraic Mode.
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