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Using HP's 12C and 15C emulators
06-01-2017, 12:56 PM
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RE: Using HP's 12C and 15C emulators
(05-31-2017 09:45 PM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote:  If you realy do need to change the decimal piont and thosands separator

I do not even really need any kind of 12C emulator at all ;-) But I wonder why the 15C emulator is set to one format and the 12C to the other. Either this is hardcoded or there must be a way to change this setting.

(05-31-2017 09:45 PM)Mike (Stgt) Wrote:  I suggest to use Nonpareil release 0.77. It has several advantages, first of all, you may use the ROM image of your choice. Next, you may add (undocumented feature)

Yes, Nonpareil is a nice set of emulators. But dealing with different ROM images (or even get hold of the official HP ROMs) and this compile-your-own thing is out of my world. I'm just a user, all I want is a working emulator that exactly matches the hardware to see how the 12C or 15C will behave with this calculation or that program.

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