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Is HP Prime going out of production?
06-24-2017, 11:34 PM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2017 01:50 PM by Luigi Vampa.)
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RE: Is HP Prime going out of production?
(05-24-2017 12:47 PM)MattH Wrote:  I googled it and it's not being sold in very many places. Does anyone know why? I'm considering buying a backup because I love it.

IMHO, 2107Q3 sales could be the key to it all. We can expect a seasonal deep valley in July, and an strong bump in September, but those figures (when put in perspective) will have something to say about the future of the HP Prime. Big companies tend to feel rather twitchy, when a product shows any prospect signs of decline in its product lifecycle.
Who knows, maybe 2018 might bring some news:
- what???, an HP Prime+?, even sleeker?, want more cores&MHz?, finally fully 'XCASed'?, did I hear higher resolution?
- or maybe Prime's sales keep rock-steady, and users will enjoy new and improved FW versions on a polished and mature HW platform. But... why not some room for cosmetics? oh my! who said an HP Prime 'Continuous-Memory Black' Edition!? tell me more!!! ;O)

Yes, you have already noticed, I do love armchair-CEO's brainstorms! But remember, tomorrow's products always start as today's marketing fiction :O)

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