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INPUT Question...
03-07-2014, 04:30 AM
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RE: INPUT Question...
INPUT({g1,g2,VPI,VPIE,LENGTH,INT,SSTA}, //variables used
"Verticle Curves", //Title
{" % Grade In "," % Grade Out "," VPI Sta "," VPI Elev"," Length"," Sta Interval","Special Station"}, //Lables for input

{"% Grade In","% Grade Out","VPI Sta","VPI Elev","Length of Curve"," Sta Interval","Enter '0' to Calculate full curve at intervals"}, //Help text to be displayed at bottom of screen

{g1,g2,VPI,VPIE,LENGTH,INT,0}); //Default values for variables, in this case it is whatever is already stored in those variables

Here is where you can find my program to calculate vertical curves:

Scroll to the bottom for the latest version.

Hope this helps

CD Dodds
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