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Poll: Any interest in an HP-41 CPU connector replacement?
04-25-2017, 12:29 AM
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Poll: Any interest in an HP-41 CPU connector replacement?
I'd like to gauge member interest in a replacement for the HP-41 "zebra strip" CPU connector. These connectors can fail with age, or worse, become unreliable during normal operation. There are no readily available replacements you can purchase. I was motivated to find some sort of solution when an HP-41C model I had would show display flicker, and occasionally reset itself during normal handling. No amount of cleaning or reshaping pads would restore dependable operation. The thread below has more detail on the replacement I developed.


I've replaced all the connectors in my HP-41 collection. I thought others might be in the same position I was in - loathe to consign a calculator to spare parts, but unable to find a reasonable alternative. If there are a sufficient number of interested members, then I'll order a stock of replacements and manage distribution.

The cost of a replacement would be $8 for the flex circuit or $9 for flex plus needed offset material. If you order the offset material, I'll supply that which works best in testing. Otherwise, I can supply a list of cheap and readily available materials that can be used for the offset (something as simple as lamp wick works just fine!). The price would include First Class shipping, both U.S. and International.

I had a bit of fun working out the solution. It would be an added bonus if others could benefit as well.


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