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HP50 Grayscale programming (Updated)
03-28-2017, 06:29 PM
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RE: HP50 Grayscale programming (Updated)
Yes I'm aware, sadly the student organization at faculty used to maintain this server doesn't have the resources anymore :-( so I'll probably upload all my stuff to or build a new site somewhere.

openfire has a readme.txt included in zip, REALPF is described there,
from readme:

doesn't need palette to be set since it uses flipping in monochrome mode

-compatible with INITPF, it uses monochrome mode to display gray shades using
page-flipping technique
-game is responsible for the accurate page-timing
-works similar to the way how 48 series and 49G used to produce shades

It expects 2 arguments
2: #822C0 -memory location to be used as LCD hardware buffer
1: #83BC0 -address where compatibility routines will be installed to

call page flipping routine when #120 register is set to your screen
D0= 00120
LA address

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