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Help with HP-71B
03-14-2017, 12:58 AM
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RE: Help with HP-71B
(03-13-2017 11:48 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Some thoughts: After seeing the Memory Lost message, you have to wait a few moments before the keyboard becomes active, so be patient. If you have an HPIL module installed, then you'll have to wait even longer, since it's trying to send the display out the loop. After you see Memory Lost and wait a few seconds, press ON until the message is cleared, then type OFFIO (or DISPLAY IS *) and press Enter. This will stop the IL module from trying to send the display out the loop and speed up keyboard response.

You say you removed all the modules. Does that includes the HPIL module? Does pressing ON after waiting a few seconds STILL does not clear the Memory Lost message?


Indeed. After being too impatient, I calmed myself and let the machine rest for one hour (after doing the procedure to discharge pressing ON for 60 seconds, just to be sure). I then plugged the AC adapter and everything was back to normal. I made the regular tests and all is OK now.

Thanks and regards.
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