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commercial use of the results of my program
03-06-2017, 03:16 PM
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RE: commercial use of the results of my program
(03-06-2017 09:42 AM)gor1060 Wrote:  Hello! I need your advice. I use the HP 50g graphing calculator for generating materials for teaching mathematics (for students). May I sell them to other teachers or publish them, i.e. have I the right to use the results commercially?

If you wrote the programs and teaching materials, then you may do whatever you wish. HP does not own any code that you write using their calculator, and definitely not any teaching material you produce. There have been plenty of people and companies who have done just that (writing programs and/or documentation) around HP's calculators and sold their products commercially.

The bigger concern for anyone pursuing a commercial project is how to protect the code from being distributed by others without you receiving compensation given the digital age we live in. There are means to protect the code by using the internal serial code of the calculator, but it is a very low-level technique.

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