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So, for a budding math student ...
02-27-2014, 05:56 PM
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So, for a budding math student ...
Hi all --

It's [perhaps too] often said "this is not intended to start a flame war," but ...

If I was going to get a graphing calculator for someone who wanted to self-study calculus and perhaps some topics beyond calculus, would the Prime be a good choice? or would something like the nSpire, with its longer-developed software and larger user base be better?

For what it is worth 1) I do have a bunch of HPs and certainly prefer 'em in principle, despite my minimal presence in these fora 2) the "budding math student" is me ...

... I'm taking online astronomy courses, working toward a Master's degree, and thus have a constant need to shore up and improve my math skills. So there is a lot of self-study going on. This is necessary for my work, too. A good graphing calc -- with color -- would be an aid to this effort ... I think. So I'm trying to set brand loyalty aside and get whatever would be preferable in a pedagogical (at least self-teaching) sense.

Any opinions would be welcome, apart from "stop trying to start a flame war and geddoudahere." :^)


PS I recently purchased a used ThinkPad and will keep a small Windows install on it so that I can do updates to HP calcs, etc. Previously the Prime was not an option because I am an all Linux/BSD house.
PPS I'm REALLY NOT trying to start a flame war!
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