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HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
02-28-2017, 03:00 AM
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HP50G and solving equations with complex numbers
Am I correct that the HP50G cannot solve equations with complex numbers. For an easy example: V=I*Z where I=50A@-35 degrees and Z=(4,8) ohms? The calculator returns: Error: Bad Guess(es).

I saw somewhere searching online that one can use the MSLV command but that doesn't really work as a solver. Does a newer firmware fix this issue? I have Version: HP50-C Revision $2.15 which I believe is the latest one.

I'm just shocked since I have used the HP35S for the past 8 years as my workday calculator (calculating CT/PT ratios, relay settings, etc.), to pass the F.E. and later the P.E. exam. On the P.E. exam I was even able to store equations such as symmetrical components (zero, positive and negative sequence) equations which of course require solving an equation with complex values as inputs and giving a complex number output. I'm shocked that the HP50G can't do this and the 35S can do this and more. According to my searches the release dates on the these two calculators was 2006 (HP50G) and 2007(HP35S). I know the 35s was designed to cater to colleges and to the NCEES exam standards which prohibits graphing calculators with qwerty keyboard entry and storage ability.

Not to beat a dead horse just surprised and wondering if I overlooked something and there is a way to solve equations with heavily involved complex numbers since I'm an EE and that's what we do...
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