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AriCalculator is a home made pocket calculator.
02-05-2018, 04:25 AM
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RE: AriCalculator is a home made pocket calculator.
Thanks Pauli,

I'll use the linear congruential generator for now, despite its faults, as I can implement it easily by writing a keystroke program, saving the hex codes in a table, and executing the program whenever the random number key is pressed on the calculator. Not as fast as an assembly language implementation but allows me to quickly add new functions to the firmware. I've done the same for the hyperbolic functions.

I've been using the CodeWarrior IDE (no code limits for assembly language programs) and have written about 45Kb of assembly code to create a programmable calculator with basic scientific functions, and hope to implement complex numbers and an exact mode in under 64Kb by the end of the year.

What algorithm did you use for the gamma function? Also what microcontroller does the WP 34S use, how large is the firmware and what development tools did you use?
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