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Giac/Xcas updates ported to HP Prime?
02-16-2017, 01:58 PM
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RE: Giac/Xcas updates ported to HP Prime?
(02-13-2017 09:32 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  Yes. Right now it is 1.2.X (don't remember what off the top of my head)

The primary reason for things to be "out of sync" has to do with translations being out, testing not having the bandwidth to look at new features or issues, or documentation not being ready.

For example, the last major giac version bump was near the end of a long development cycle and dropping it in with ~1 month till release is simply not a good idea.

Another option is to incorporate some commands or functions that users need them, for example xCAS has EVALB, but that returns TRUE OR FALSE and not 1/0 because step by step programs that I have shown is more didactic

Sometimes the CAS returns true / false other times 1/0, I would like to see uniformity ie always true / false, the following code throws in the form of a string, but that argument is not valid as test type value

PHP Code:
evalBoolexpr1 ):=
return( iftesubst(expr1'=','==' ), "true""false") );

About incomplete documentation, TIM in a previous thread, mentions the idea that users could collaborate with the documentation and translation, as this would improve the handling and use of the calculator.
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