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(soon to be) New HP prime asks re: 3-D
02-12-2017, 01:17 PM
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RE: (soon to be) New HP prime asks re: 3-D

Thank you very much for responding! I believe I have done steps 1-4. The CK asked for an update as soon as I opened it up.
I used the on-line files from HP rather than the CD so I could have the emulator to play with while waiting for the Prime to arrive.

As soon as I got the Prime I connected to my pc, charged it, opened CK and updated Prime. Reading from the Help/Setting info I have:
Software Version 2016.08.29.10637
Hardware Version: C
CAS Version: 1.1.2-11
Op. Sys.: V0.048.635

No more recent firmware updates were offered via the CK but I see one here that seems to date around 12.08 . BUT,...
I also see around 4+ pages of replies about it. Some seem to be having trouble. Can you tell me what really is the latest firmware?
Why isn't it offered via the CK? And finally, if there are problems with this 12.08 vers. is the one I have OK for 3-D graphing?
Meanwhile, I have more than enough to keep me busy while things sort out. I am very happy about owning a Prime and
SOOO glad I passed on the Nspire.


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