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project HP-PRIME CAS in the classroom
02-04-2017, 04:28 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2017 03:09 PM by compsystems.)
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project HP-PRIME CAS in the classroom
Hello, hp-prime developer team.

Sorry for my bad English

I want to start a project in my universityapply CAS technology in the classroom, especially with calculators.

The institution will acquire a full lab of Hewlett-Packard calculators plus a physics lab kit.

My previous and current requests for upgrades on the CAS and user interface on HP-Prime are intended to get better results of the project, I hope they can be incorporated into future firmware versions

A list of important requests

1: Improve the history view (PRETTY-PRINT)
In the following graph it is observed that the expressions of extraction of elements with AT is not a standard mathematical notation, please improve the view as a subscript since the current one is very confusing for the students

[Image: project_CAS_in_the_classroom_image00.png]

[Image: project_CAS_in_the_classroom_image01.png]

2: I will create some scripts, programs, documents, videos etc. in spanish, but I need some new incoming commands on the history as ENTRY (#) ANSWER (#).

The code in the following script would be reduced and would be easier to understand if the ENTRY (#) ANSWER (#) commands were built-in.

PHP Code:
Ans - (2*3); //returns (-2*x-3+x^2) = (2*x+3-2*x-3)
simplifyAns ); //returns (x^2-2*x-3) = 0
factor(Ans); //returns (x-3)*(x+1) = 0
{ (part(left(Ans),1)) = 0,(part(left(Ans),2)) = //returns { x-3 = 0, x+1 = 0 }
Ans[1]+3Ans[2]-}; //returns {(x-3+3) = 3, x = -1}
simplifyAns ); //returns { x = 3, x = -1 };
subst(x^2Ans[1]); //returns y=9
subst(x^2, {x=3y=9}); //returns 9=9 (verdad)
3= -};
subst(x^2Ans[2]); //returns y=1
subst(x^2, {x=-1y=1}); //returns 1=1 (verdad) 

3: It is required that the terminal view, print in PRETTY-PRINT and can read a data from it, for the purpose of creating educational programs step by step and easy coding

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