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[HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
02-07-2017, 12:06 AM
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RE: [HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
Hi André,
(02-05-2017 07:31 PM)dayd Wrote:  RAM and ROM/IRAM can’t be mixed in the same 32k boundaries;

(02-06-2017 11:13 PM)dayd Wrote:  Phase Three; First 16k or less ROM/IRAM Starting (bottom to top) after the RAM but can be mixed with RAM in the same 32k boundary, so it takes the first available 16k boundary after that, which mathematically always will be at Y0000.

In Phase Three I believe you meant that RAM and ROM/IRAM can't be configured in the same 32k block. That is what's observed, but I was looking for an official explanation.

In the S/W IDS, Vol. 2, p.4-8 under the CONF60 routine a "Page" is defined as 10000H nibbles. Pages occupied or partially occupied by system RAM are marked as unavailable for configuring ROM. So, a Page can't contain RAM and ROM/IRAM. This is the official explanation I was looking for.

Regards Dave
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