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[HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
02-02-2017, 01:39 AM
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RE: [HP 71B] Software for FRAM71 users
(02-02-2017 01:24 AM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  Close. An HC ROM is only 32k but the system sets aside everything above E0000. See the IDS Sect 2.6.

You can also see this on p.25 in the Forth manual, indicating that F0000-FFC00 is "Reserved for Debugger". The IDS and some early notes in the PPC Journal from Jim de Arras clarifies that this is true only if there is an HC ROM present at E0000 (means either the Forth/Assem ROM or the 41Trans ROM). The Debugger these notes refer to was never released; the one that actually was released is implemented as normal LEX files and does not load here - seems the plan changed.

Of course if there is an HC ROM at E0000 (32KB) it's corresponding SC ROM (16KB) must also be present, and should be removed from available address space as well.

Thanks for the new MEMDIS program to explore André, looking forward to checking it out this weekend.

Can you explain the meaning of the 2 lines of hex just after the VER$ display? I see that the initial portion is the config string, but not certain yet of the portions after the dot, and the 2nd line.

Also, you may be a 71 newbie, but you've come a long way quickly.


--Bob Prosperi
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