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Gathering info about HP 41 and HP 42s
01-29-2017, 04:55 PM
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RE: Gathering info about HP 41 and HP 42s
(01-29-2017 03:07 PM)Cancuino Wrote:  I hope you can teach me many things about them.

Best single source of HP-41 info: http://www.*****/Intro.cfm, where ***** is hp41 dot org

Try an HP-42 Emulator (on PC, iOS, or Android):

Lots of 42S Links can be found here:

The 42S is smaller, faster and has many improvements over the core 41, but it is a closed machine, with very limited I/O (printing only), while the 41 family are expandable with literally hundreds of ROMs, HP-IL to access disks, tapes, printers, etc. But doing all the extra 41 stuff does indeed cost more.

The 41CL upgrade may seem expensive but it really is an amazing value when considering all the capabilities it provides (up to 50x faster and ability to ALL the hundreds of ROM applications written for the 41 family).

So choosing which is 'best' depends on your needs. Check out the above resources and which is better for you should become clear.

Good luck, and let us know which one you chose and why.

--Bob Prosperi
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