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Favorite HP41 development environment
01-26-2017, 09:55 PM
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Favorite HP41 development environment
Won't bore with my "story", just glad to have rediscovered my HP41 and the amazing people here and elsewhere who have helped fulfill at least part of my midlife crisis Smile

First, I have scoured this and other sites and have discovered a wealth of resources (see below). I'm just wondering which pieces others use and what works best. I would like to know what tools are the most commonly/effectively used to do the following:

1. Edit FOCAL and/or MCODE code on a PC.
2. Assemble/Compile to a ".BIN"
3. Create a ".ROM" and/or ".MOD" to then burn into an MLDL, CLonix/NOV, or other hardware (I have several of Diego's CLonix-D and NOV-64 modules, amazing).

I use Windows10, but have installed DOSBOX successfully.

I think I've got a decent handle on doing the development on the 41 side, building the image in a Q-ROM device and getting that image out of the NOV-64 RAM to the PC for storage, sharing, or programming back into the ROM space of a Clonix-D or NOV-64 or other device, but the idea of being able to edit with a QWERTY keyboard, add comments, etc. is just more appealing.

So, what are your preferred development tools and development path?

Here are some of the tools I've found and examined. Please tell me if I've missed something.

Excel Spreadsheet Programming Environment
HP41 Assistant
Others that I'm sure I forgot or missed

Other various bits to help facilitate:
ILPer and EMU41 with PIL Box
Various HP utilities
HP9114B disc drive
HP-IL to RS232, IL to HPIB, and IL Converter


David Ingebretsen
Collision Forensics & Engineering, Inc.
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