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HP 82143A / HP 82162A foto coupler (encoder) - substitute
01-01-2017, 01:59 PM
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HP 82143A / HP 82162A foto coupler (encoder) - substitute
First of all: Happy New Year 2017 to anybody!

Need some information maybe somebody can help. I didn't find any information - neither here in this great (old and new / archive) forum nor on the web at all.

I discovered that in a HP 82143A thermo printer the foto coupler is defective. In the printer service manual it is referenced as encoder to be replaced in whole.
I found out it is not working (properly) when I changed it with a working one.
The effect is that the print haed is running into the left wall and does not go but to home position till I cut off power (switching off).
Quite sure the same principle is used in the HP-IL printer 82162A.

Is there any substitute I can somehow use - with or without any modifications - for replacement?
Any suggestions appreciate.
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