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Help with Thermodynamics equations
01-03-2017, 10:12 AM
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RE: Help with Thermodynamics equations

I am perusing your MATLAB™ programs for the calculation of phase equilibrium and other thermodynamic properties using different equations of state (classical cubic equations, cubic equations with excess Gibbs energy mixing rules, group contribution equations and SAFT equations). All programs are open-source and have been designed to be easily reusable using an object-oriented programming methodology. We also provide a detailed documentation that describes the application of the programs. Some of our experiences in the application of these programs in education and research are described in:
Ángel Martín, María Dolores Bermejo, Fidel A. Mato, María José Cocero. Teaching Advanced Equations of State in Applied Thermodynamics Courses Using Matlab. Education for Chemical Engineers 6 (2011) e114-e121.
at url:Advanced Equations of State - Advanced Thermodynamics
as well as the numerous references & sources (but specifically your contributions) at url:Useful web sites about thermodynamics
with some anticipation for further personal enlightenment: not there yet. This is an interesting eclectic pursuit in a rigorous field of previous study but current neglect. Thanks for the bump!

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