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What is the price range for HP-85A models.
12-21-2016, 03:28 AM
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RE: What is the price range for HP-85A models.
If you are patient and watch, you will eventually see (on TAS, other auction sites, etc.) Series-80 machines extremely cheap as well as quite expensive, without much reason either way. There are also machines for $1200-1500 from professional refurbishing specialists, which are quite nice and reliable, but well beyond my toy budget.

By monitoring for several months, I found an HP-87XM in perfect working order for $100. I was suspicious and ready to test everything upon delivery and send it back, but when it tested OK and I sent a note of the thanks to the seller, he even offered to send my some of the diskettes his dad used with the machine.

Also, I saw an HP-86 in working condition listed on TAS last week for about $75.

So if you're willing to watch for an extended period, you could get one for a very reasonable price.

--Bob Prosperi
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