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newRPL: Making RPL more readable
12-07-2016, 02:49 PM
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RE: newRPL: Making RPL more readable
(12-07-2016 12:04 PM)Vtile Wrote:  That said, the problem with automatic code folding will come with the highly modular library system that is on the NewRPL I would quess, so if the programs would retain the same folding as the user have typed in might be the most efficient solution instead of trying to create "do it all" system where the code folding information would need to be written in the libraries. If that is what will be done (the code folding information to libraries) I would like to see it as optional information that can be stripped down, in case of you need those bytes to something more important things in your calculator.

You are hitting it right on the nail: How can we preserve the user preferred folding across compile/decompile cycles? We simply can't! unless we store some "debug info" in the actual code, that's a waste of space.
That's why the only option is that the decompiler, with the help of the libraries, will have to decide for the user what's the best folding, indentation, etc.
If you want to keep the user's formatting, we could simply store the source code in a string after the object, again a waste of space that might be justified on some (future) hardware with more RAM, but not on the 50g target.
One thing that's already done, is that (persistent) comments include the newlines, so the user can permanently store newlines by adding empty comments. Not great, but it's a start!

(12-07-2016 12:04 PM)Vtile Wrote:  One other big deal with the programs (while mine aren't complex) is the use of repeated stack manipulation which often makes the program hard to read after some time. Paired with unability to write even tiny few letter persistent comments makes it pita. Edit. So I come with this idea of "split screen mode" copied from the AUR, where on the left is the code and on the right are the (first) comments per line. With one key you could cycle the comment half of the sceen OFF/Double view/full screen. (example S7 IL code:

This is more or less what the code would look like if you simply align the persistent comments, which can be done with the library "hint" system.
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