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HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
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RE: HP-67 FUN rom documentation thread
(12-01-2016 04:50 PM)Gene Wrote:  AOS - Need information on usage of labels ONLY

That's a tough one – many labels are used several times. The only thing I can say for sure is that LBL 99 is the common exit point for all operations. This way a following R/S will set flag 22 so that the result of a manually executed math function can be used for subsequent calcuations with the program (cf. original AOS program documentation). BTW this feature seems to be missing in the PDF.

(12-01-2016 04:50 PM)Gene Wrote:  ML - Need information on usage of labels ONLY (Moon Lander)

LBL A: start game.
LBL B: restart. This is a leftover from the original HP67 program. If the user missed the exact moment when the fuel amount has to be enterd (..."0"...) and the key is pressed too late, the running program will stop on a 67/97. Pressing B then restarts it (which will cost you 5 fuel units). On the 41 pressing keys during a running program will (mostly) not do anything, so the whole LBL B part could just as well be removed. Now that it remains included pressing B will also restart the game if you happend to have stopped it anyhow in the middle of a calculation. If there should be a revised ROM version 1.1 some time this part can be removed and with a slight modification also the use of R04 can be saved.

LBL 02: out of fuel, calculate crash velocity
LBL 03: display speed at touchdown
LBL 04: loop for flashing display
LBL 05: calculate new fuel, speed and altitude from fuel units in X
LBL 09: display fuel, speed and altitude, countdown for fuel entry

BTW there still is an error in TTT. Here it says "The integer 2 indicates ready for second move, the user’s". That's not correct. The "2" in the first board output is just the calculator's first move: position 2 in the center of the lower row. Like the 5, 7 and 3 in the following moves.

(12-01-2016 04:50 PM)Gene Wrote:  BSP - Needs information on usage of labels and registers (Battleship)

Later. ;-)

Edit: here we go.

R00: random seed
R01: battleship's position (X)
R02: battleship's position (Y)
R03: number of hits
R04: battleship's manoevrability in X/Y direction
R05: number of torpedos left

LBL A: start game

LBL 01: main loop (show torpedos, prompt for coordinates)
LBL 02: torpedos > 0, skip "you lose" message
LBL 03: ship destroyed (direct hit or 5 minor hits)
LBL 04: display final win/lose message, reset display

The instructions do not say that the player loses if he runs out of torpedos, i.e. after all twelve have been fired without destroying the ship.

And a final remark on chess: Labels 01...06 translate the original codes 1...6 into the letters P, N, B, R, Q and K. This does not neccessarily mean that this piece (pawn, knight, ... king) is moved, it may also be used for identifying the queen's or king's rook, queen's or king's bishop etc., like in the 5th move of your example (5. B-KB4).

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