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Miscellaneous Bugs and Problems
11-25-2016, 10:46 PM
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RE: Miscellaneous Bugs and Problems
(11-25-2016 05:10 AM)CH3791 Wrote:  1a. Plotting the derivative of a function in the function app.
For these two cases, most of the functions would not work correctly. The ones with problems I have found include: 6 Slope, 7 Signed Area, 8 Extremum, 9 Tangent

The Slope, Extremum, and Tangent features of the Function Plot view ask lower levels of the system to differentiate the function of interest. There are a variety of conversion issues involved.

If you go to the CAS screen and try entering
with F1 and F2 defined as you've suggested (F1(X)= X^3+3*X^2 and F2(X)= ∂(F1(X),X=X)), you'll see this (conversion) issue at a command-line level.

Similarly, an evaluation of
in the CAS screen will show this type of conversion issue at a command-line level for integration (which the Signed Area feature of the Function app relies on).
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